Our research

Our collective ambition is to contribute to changes in agriculture.

Our unit aims at producing generic methods and scientific knowledge from local to global scale, and at identifying and mobilizing expert knowledge from stakeholders to:

(i) Assess the impacts on the environment and the ecosystem services of alternative and current cropping systems,

(ii) Support stakeholders involved in the transition of agriculture towards sustainable agroecosystems, thanks to co-designed resources

Three main research questions are developed within the unit:

  1. Designing and assessing agronomic innovations and sustainable cropping systems in agrifood systems (Axe 1)
  2. Assessing the role of different forms of biodiversity in ecosystem services delivery (Axe 2)
  3. Assessing the production stability in a context of adverse climate and of crop diversification (Axe 3)

Download here a presentation of the unit


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