Axe 1: Agronomic innovations and sustainable cropping systems in agrifood systems

Designing and assessing agronomic innovations and sustainable cropping systems in agrifood systems (Axe 1)

Participants : R. Ballot, C. Colnenne, A. Gauffreteau, MH. Jeuffroy, M. Leclerc, C. Loyce, MN. Mistou, R Paut, R. Reau, O. Réchauchère, P. Salazar, Q. Toffolini, M. Valantin-Morison

In the Axe 1, we address the following research question: which resources (methods, tools, knowledge) are relevant to support the stakeholders involved in designing and assessing cropping systems within food systems?

Three scientific challenges are developped:

(1) How to capitalize expert knowledge, useful for the design of innovative cropping systems, as a way of supporting design processes for other actors? How to produce, organize, share actionable knowledge (i.e. knowledge that could be mobilized in/for action) to help designing innovative cropping systems?

(2) How to organize innovative design processes to support transition dynamics? Which design support tools or methods should be designed with and for stakeholders? How can we involve actors in the transition, including those who are not yet convinced of the need for change?

(3) Which agronomic tools and methods to enhance the process towards coupled innovations (on cropping systems and on food processing)?

Modification date: 05 July 2023 | Publication date: 17 December 2014 | By: UMR Agronomie